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The Benefits of Learning Kickboxing in Little Neck NY

Although kickboxing was developed in the ‘60’s, its popularity has exploded in recent years as people discover the large number of benefits the sport has on their body and mind. Kickboxing is a full-contact sport that combines various martial arts techniques into its own unique style. Some of the numerous benefits of kickboxing include:
  • Full body workout
  • Lose weight and build muscle
  • Self-defense
  • Builds confidence
The Benefits of Learning Kickboxing in Little Neck NY - New York Martial Arts Academy Blog - 200213211_001While many forms of exercise target specific areas of the body, kickboxing is considered a full body workout, as it tones muscles in the upper and lower body, as well as building cardiovascular endurance. It is a vigorous workout and requires a high level of intensity and motivation, but also incorporates fun and engaging techniques perfect for anyone who is looking for new, more interesting, methods of exercise.
When performed correctly, kickboxing burns a large number of calories in a short amount of time. Additionally, it builds muscle quickly and improves stamina, balance, and coordination. Kickboxing can be a very effective addition to most weight-loss regimens, while also giving the added benefit of self-defense.
It is important for people living in urban centers, like New York, to have knowledge of at least a few self-defense techniques. Kickboxing is a perfect way to get a great workout, while also learning how to properly punch and kick an attacker. It also gives you the balance and agility required to avoid being hit and to escape a potentially dangerous situation.
The combined benefits of knowing how to defend yourself while also losing weight and toning your muscles can give you that extra boost of confidence you need in other aspects of your life. Most people who study kickboxing, or other mixed martial arts, find that the mental benefits are equivalent to the physical benefits. Having an improved level of self-confidence can help you perform better in all other aspects of life. Whether it be at work, home, or just going out with your friends, people will notice that you look and feel better than ever.
If you’re looking for a great way to mix up your usual exercise routine, or want to begin exercising and don’t know where to start, kickboxing classes are a great option. Kickboxing is exciting, fun, and highly beneficial for building muscle, burning fat, and improving flexibility and stamina,in addition to being a great cardiovascular workout. Also, let’s not forget, it may save your life one day! If you’re ready to start improving your body and mind contact us today and schedule your free one week trial class.