The 3 Facets of Jeet Kune Do


That is, there were and are no classical postures, no unrealistic footwork, no mechanical body movements, no dissection of movement (i.e., "first you do this, then you do this, and then you do this, " etc.) as if it were a corpse. Further, there are no two-man cooperation drills and no rhythmic forms. Instead, the art is "alive" and infused with broken rhythm.


There is no passive defense, blocking is considered the least efficient manner of defense. Everything in the art is stripped to its essential components with absolutely no fancy decoration or ornate movements (i.e., if someone grabs you, punch him!). Students are taught to see reality in its suchness and not deliberate about it. Simply experience it as it is, when it is. As if, when someone throws something to you, you catch it - you don't first grunt and go into a horse stance. And similarly, when someone grabs you, you hit him - you don't get involved in elaborate joint manipulations and complex maneuvering.


A daily minimize instead of a daily increase (being wise doesn't mean to "add" more, being wise means to be able to get off sophistication and be simply simple).
  • Sticking to the Nucleus
  • Liberation from the Nucleus
  • Returning to the Original Freedom
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