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Women's Self Defense

In discussing martial arts programs tailored or directed towards women different names are generally used.  The most common one is cardio kickboxing.  Programs of this nature are offered at almost every gym.  What these classes usually entail is an instructor in the front of the room screaming out combinations, i.e. jab, cross, hook; Then 30 seconds later jab, cross, hook, roundhouse kick, etc.
But are you actually learning how to defend yourself?  Do not confuse these classes with learning actual Martial Arts.  
A women's self defense program does just that, it actually teaches techniques that may actually save your life, as well as getting a great cardio workout.  So when looking for a program ask yourself what it is your actually looking for, a good workout or a good workout and potential life saving techniques?   

Limiting the opponents tools

In a Jeet Kune Do class it is often overheard that a good fighter limits his opponents tools.    What does this statement mean?   In simple terms, limiting my opponents tools simply means that I put myself in a position where I...

What is Basic Front Hand Education?

When reading Bruce Lee's notes it is clear that he was a firm believer in placing the strong side forward.  90% of our striking should be done with our strong hand and our strong leg.  The reasons are two fold.  First, because our...

Blocking, Evasion, Interception

When studying Jeet Kune Do, Defense is categorized as Blocking, Evasion and interception.   Blocking is just as the word implies, stopping and opponents strike with a body part that was not the opponents intended target.  Blocking is the...

Art, Science and Philosophy of Bruce Lee

Here at New York Martial Arts Academy we have always believed in teaching the Art, Science, and Philosophy of Bruce Lee.   The Art is what we do.  The Kicking, punching, trapping, grappling and understanding of the weapon in long, medium...
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